The ultimate online dating guide how to pdf

It doesn’t matter what your reasons for considering dating online are this self help chaperon will mentor you through the process.

Whether you have never tried it before or been there and failed this is the book for you.

They will help you face the Blank White Page without cowering. They’ll help you pinpoint what’s going wrong in a button… To get IDCA, you just drop Attention from the start. Because sometimes you’ve already got their attention – so you don’t need to start again. What are the consequences if you fail to do as promised?



If you’re new to the Online Dating scene, or been there and failed, this is the book for you.

"How I went from Stupid to Smart in just 50 years" or "How and Why I got more dates with, relationships with and proposals from Hot Young Woman at age 50 than I did at age 25.


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    It gives followers an inside look at your business and also creates connection to your brand on a more personal level.

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    Bars, online dating and scattered dates are awkward and disappointing at best.

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